How to Write Law Essay That Impresses Your Instructor and Earns You Top Grades

Law is very different from other courses in the sense that you cannot apply general knowledge to your assignments or exams. You need to keep everything related to law and what is expected of you as a law student. Law essay writing is quite tricky. Most law students consider getting a 2:1 score in law papers a great achievement. There are a number of things the instructor expects to see in your paper for them to award you a good grade. Therefore, if your goal is to get impressive grades on all your papers, you need to know what your instructor expects from you.

Appropriate and Very Neat Presentation

A lot of law students are not concerned about the presentation of their paper. Most students focus on the content and forget to make their papers presentable. It is very important for you to ensure your paper has a good and very neat presentation. This is because a neat and well-presented paper will make a good first impression. Most instructors begin thinking about what grade to award at first glance of a paper. Give them a reason to consider giving you a good grade even before they read your content.

Accurate Writing

The other thing you need to do to improve the quality of your paper is to ensure that the paper is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Your paper needs to demonstrate eloquence and fluency of expression. In this day and age, where it is very easy to use spell-checkers and grammar correcting software, there are certain mistakes that cannot be tolerated. Submitting a paper that as numerous grammatical errors and spelling mistakes only suggests that you do not care and you did not give the paper a lot of attention.

Proper Structure

The structure of your paper will be determined by what kind of paper you are writing. If you are writing a law essay, your paper needs to include a title, introduction, body, and conclusion. However, if you are writing a research paper or dissertation paper, you will need to include other sections such as the abstract, numerous subheadings, results, discussions and other things to make the paper look like a research paper.

Proof of Editing

Your instructor will know whether or not you took the time to edit your paper once you finished it. This is evident in how your paper flows and how many mistakes it has. Before you hand in your paper, read through it a couple of times. When you do this, you will be able to identify many statements you can write better and correct any mistakes you come across. It might also help to ask someone to read your paper and highlight the problem areas.

Proper Referencing

If you want to get a good grade on your law paper, the other thing you need to do is provide enough references in your work. A strong paper is the one where all arguments are supported by a strong and relevant authority. Your instructor is more likely to give you a good grade if all your claims and discussions are backed up by very important sources. Therefore, be sure to cite as many cases to support your arguments as possible. However, make sure you only include citations where you need to back up your claims. Don’t just list citations where they are not needed.

Cogent Application

Last but not least, your paper needs to demonstrate your ability to correctly apply the law. Instead of just stating the law that is applicable in the scenarios you have discussed in your paper, go further by stating how you would apply the law to specific situations. This will definitely make you stand out. It will show the instructor that you clearly understand the content and you can apply it if need be. This is what most people are unable to do. If you can do this, you shouldn’t have any doubts that you will be a good lawyer.

law essays - step by step

What is Law Essay Independent Intellectual Endeavor?

One common mistake a lot of law students make is not giving their own opinion when they are writing an essay. Most students assume that all they have to do is to list some sources and cite published authors in their work. It is very good to support your statements with evidence from published authors. However, do not be afraid to give your own opinion on the subject matter. When you do so, also make sure you explain why you hold that opinion. Instructors are more impressed with students who are capable of sharing their opinion and explaining in such a way that almost convinces the reader to agree with you. Even if the marker does not agree with your point of view, they will give you a high score on the paper because you have chosen to go the extra mile and make your paper more interesting. This is what is known as an independent intellectual endeavor. Just make sure you are criticizing reputable sources and known facts so that you can get the professor’s attention.

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